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Alnico Horseshoe Magnets - 45mm x 30mm x 23mm

Product Code: 49012
Pull Force: 11.8 kg
Direction of Magnetisation: Axially magnetised
Temperature: Max temp 500⁰
Weight: 94 gm
Style: Alnico Horseshoe Magnets
Dimensions: Width: 45mm
Thickness: 23mm
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Magnet Dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This Alnico Horseshoe Magnet has a height of 45mm, a width of 30mm and a depth of 23mm. It has a maximum temperature of 500⁰ and a pull force of 11.8 kg.

Uses for our Alnico Horseshoe Magnets:

Alnico horseshoe magnets have become a universal symbol of magnets and magnetism. These magnets are shaped like an actual horseshoe, namely, an iron shoe for a horses hoof, shaped like the outline of the hard part of the hoof.

Magnets shaped in this manner have the effect of concentrating the power of the magnet. By doing so the horseshoe magnet leaves no doubt about which direction the magnet is expressing its power. Namely, the direction the two poles are pointing.

These often brightly painted magnets are ideal in an educational setting where many people may be watching the magnet performs. It is easy to see which way its powers are being directed and the effect it is creating.

Advertisers and marketers, professionals who communicate more with symbols and ideas rather than words, love the horseshoe magnet. Instantly recognisable, the horseshoe magnet is a symbol, a signal, sign language for desire and attraction. Desire and attraction are bedrock advertising values and these horseshoe symbols represent the strong impulse to attain or acquire that advertisers are hoping to inspire in potential customers.

Cartoonists were quick to exploit the visually simple shape of the horseshoe magnet. Cartoonists were also quick to exploit the unique power of magnetism. A compromised cartoon character, using the pull force of magnetism, tries to acquire by stealth what does not belong to them. To take by magnetic brute pull force what would otherwise, without the horseshoe magnet, be unattainable, unavailable to them.

Our horseshoe magnets are very popular with schools and science departments and are used to demonstrate magnetic fields and properties.

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