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Neodymium Cylinder - 4mm x 20mm

Product Code: 21051
Pull Force: .630 kg
Direction of Magnetisation: Axially magnetised
Grade: N38
Gauss: 6269
Coating: Nickel (NiCuNi)
Weight: 2 gm
Style: Rare Earth Cylinder magnet
Dimensions: Diameter: 4mm
Height: 20mm

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cylinder magnet dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This rare earth cylinder has a diameter of 4mm and a height of 20mm. It has a magnetic flux reading of 6269 Gauss and a pull force of 0.630kg. Its part number is 21051.

Uses for our rare earth cylinder magnets:

Cylinder shapes are easy to handle and their small pole surface at each end makes their magnetic bond easy to break, so they are easy to remove and replace on a metallic surface or work area. Although their field is narrow, the field they project is far-reaching and this makes them ideal for situations where accuracy is essential, such as metal detection and switch activation for industrial equipment and surveillance systems. Neodymium Cylinders are also found inside the motors of brushless power tools where they are arranged to create a highly efficient Halbach Array type field, that creates more power in one pole direction, while also greatly reducing the power-sapping effects of friction.

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