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Neodymium Disc - 101.6mm x 25.4mm

Product Code: 20000
Pull Force: 237.9kg
Direction of Magnetisation: Axially magnetised
Grade: N38
Gauss: 2817
Coating: Nickel (NiCuNi)
Weight: 490 gm
Style: Neodymium Disc magnet
Dimensions: Diameter: 101.6mm
Height: 25.4mm

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disc magnet dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This rare earth disc has a diameter of 101.6mm and a height of 25.4mm or one inch. It has a magnetic flux reading of 2817 Gauss and a pull force of  237.9kg. It is identified by the AMF magnet part number 20000.

Uses for our rare earth disc magnets:

With a pull force of 237.9 kg, it’s no wonder these neodymium disc magnets measuring 101.6mm in diameter sell well to companies whose job it is to lift heavy objects.

As well as cranes, hoists and winches in workplaces and in the field, these magnets also find homes in hospitals and aged care facilities. In fact, anywhere the need for heavy lifting arises.

Lifting heavy objects can inflict serious injury or even death if careless work practices are undertaken. These powerful magnets are engaged in a wide variety of machines and equipment that help reduce the inherent risks in moving heavy or cumbersome objects. The on/off switch on some of the devices allows for simple engagement (lifting) and simple disengagement (release). This method of lifting also reduces the risk of slippage, twisting or mechanical failure that is associated with tying or binding type engagement such as chains, straps or ropes. These old technologies require someone getting underneath the heavy object before you even start the lift. Magnetic force can be applied to the top or sides of heavy items allowing them to be safely manoeuvred.    

Magnetic force and engagement to lift heavy items can provide secure lifting and improved personal safety before, during, and after the lifting process, than more conventional methods. There are many lifting devices on the market utilizing these powerful magnets to ease the burden of lifting in a safe and responsible way

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