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Powerful Magnets

powerful magnets Across heavy industry the roles of powerful magnets are manifold. Powerful Magnets hold, control, lift and release everything. Gearings, goods, gates and gantry. A magnet’s strength and characteristics are determined at point of manufacture and remain constant. Even at heavy duty pull strengths, magnets are extremely reliable. Heavy Industry relies on forceful magnets to express their predictable magnetic properties in all conditions, come hell or high water.

The embedded instinct of powerful magnets to discriminate strongly in favour of some metals, while indifferent to others, allows designers to impose limits on componentry within precise, predictable thresholds and tolerances. A magnet’s instinct for particular materials and pressure thresholds are especially manifest in fail safe mechanisms variously referred to as magnetic bearings/couplings, torque converters/limiters: an overload clutch.

As fasteners in heavy industry, magnets are not only themselves very durable materials, they protect the durability of articulated components, imposing a no touch/light touch influence at critical mechanical junctures. Super magnets embed an efficiency dividend across the entire production chain spectrum. Powerful magnets simplify hold, control, lift and release protocols in a manner that imposes and enforces regulatory control to mitigate against risk. That is very efficient!

Check out or range of extremely strong Neodymium Magnets for access to our strongest Rare Earth Magnets.

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