German Shepherds In Need Uses AMF C-Channel Magnetic Labels

German Shepherds In Need Uses AMF C-Channel Magnetic Labels

AMF Magnetics prides itself in providing top quality magnetic materials at a reasonable price and so we love seeing them in action! Our huge and diverse range allows for a variety of applications and uses, each one more imaginative and practical than the last.

This is how we came by a not-for-profit organisation seeking to help and re-home German Shepherds who have struggled to find a loving family. Based in Brisbane, GSDs in Need, or German Shepherd Dogs in Need, aim to help German Shepherds who have more complex needs than your average rescue dog and to give them the safe and loving home they deserve. They work alongside shelters who aren’t able to house certain German Shepherds due to medical or behavioural issues that they may have and therefore are not suited to immediate adoption.

Due to the special circumstances of each dog, GSDs in Need were looking for a simple system of labelling each dog in their kennel and including any relevant information concerning their behaviour, such as ‘needs own kennel’ or ‘may bite.’ One of the volunteers at the shelter contacted us regarding his previous purchase of our C-Channel Magnetic Label Holder Strip, stating that while the application was easy and practical, he found them not be as water resistant as needed, as they were being used outdoors. This then led to the purchase of our Magnetic Card Holders, which come in various different colours and sizes. This product has a plastic sleeve over the front, protecting the paper inside from the elements. It should be noted that none of the magnets are water proof, some are more resistant than others due to the plastic exterior, but water and excessive heat damages magnets in general. However, for Craig’s purpose these Magnetic Labels are perfect because, while they may be outdoors, they’re sheltered from direct exposure.

As you can see from the images of the kennels, the different colours of the Magnetic Card Holders were utilised to colour code the dogs and their needs. For example, a tag with the dog’s name on it is black, a red Card Holder is used to signify that the dog requires medication, and the blue tag signifies that the dog is a boarder. GSDs in need also had some of our yellow Magnetic Tape on hand and were able to cut it to size to write the temporary boarders name with whiteboard marker. This is incredibly useful as this product can be re-used in the future for other temporary boarders, as is the same for the Magnetic Card Holders - the paper insert can be easily removed once a dog has been adopted.

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