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Rare Earth Countersunk Magnets

Countersunk Magnets come in Block and Ring shapes and also Holding Pots. These Countersunk Magnets are very popular with Tradespeople and Fabricators because of their range and versatility. The countersunk hole makes them extremely useful when designing new products or remediating a current issue. The Countersunk Hole allows simple attachment to wood, plastic, timber, masonry or any other material by using a self-tapping screw placed in the hole. Pot Magnets have a steel cap which deflects the magnetic field through the base which increases their holding power. Attaching these with a countersunk screw will attract any metal surface. Ideal for use as door closers or for holding any Metal material in the desired position.

With Countersunk Magnets non-metal objects can be attached to a metal surface both permanently or temporarily. By using a pair of North and South matched countersunk magnets, non-metallic surfaces can be attracted together, such as cupboard doors and draws.

These magnets can be recessed into timber or plastic and secured with a countersunk screw for a long-lasting attachment without the use of glue.

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