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Printable Magnetic Paper & Sheets

Printable Magnetic Paper and Sheets are great for creating signs at home or workplace. Simply place the magnetic printable paper or sheet into your inkjet or laser printer and create any magnetic sign you like.

These flexible magnets adhere well to all ferrous metallic surfaces like metal office furniture, metal whiteboards and steel shelving. They are a high quality and adaptable magnetic alternative to use for many different purposes such as labelling shelves, cabinets, racks or even for printing business cards, barcodes, flyers, invitations or any other promotional material you need to turn into a magnetic solution.

These handy sheets can easily be cut with a guillotine, scissors or Stanley knife. You can easily create different magnet designs of any shape or size!

With our Printable Magnetic Paper and Sheets you will have high quality prints. Personalise your images and pictures and turn them into amazing and unique magnets to decorate your space. Do you need a planner to organize your work or your activities at home? These multi-purpose flexible magnets are the ideal alternative

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