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Horseshoe Magnets

Our Horseshoe magnets are predominantly used in classroom settings as they are great for teaching children how magnetic fields operate and the difference between the north and south poles. The horseshoe magnet is universally recognized as a symbol for magnets and magnetism. The design allows for two separate poles to clearly display the difference between the north and south pole and the attract/repel reactions when exposed to another magnet.

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Horseshoe magnets are created from Alnico, an extremely heat resistant magnetic material, able to withstand very high temperatures without losing its magnetic integrity. Their name and their make-up are derived from aluminum, nickel and cobalt! They have an incredible resistance to corrosion and although they are the weakest of the permanent magnets (in comparison to Neodymium and Ferrite magnets), they are physically more durable and are not nearly as brittle as the others.

For your reference, the dimensions for our Horseshoe Magnets are Height (mm) x Width (mm) x Depth (mm).

If you have any questions regarding our alnico horseshoe magnets or any of our other stock, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful staff!

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