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Alnico Block Magnets

Due to their low pull force, these alnico block magnets are ideal for applications requiring a low magnetic pull force or in teaching environments where the magnetic pull force or field needs to be demonstrated safely. Also known as Bar Magnets, these alnico magnets have a great temperature resistance as well as a very good resistance to corrosion. Their mechanical strength is higher than both Neodymium and Ferrite magnets.

Popular in educational facilities, these alnico block magnets have an obvious magnetic field from the north and south face and are great for teaching how a magnetic field works! Some of our Alnico block magnets are marked with a north and south pole, while others are simply painted red or remain in their natural grey colour. Also used in a wide range of experimental applications, the low-strength pull force of the alnico block magnet allows for use in various situations.

Please contact our friendly staff if you have any questions regarding to our Alnico magnets or any other magnets in our range.

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