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Magnetic Equipment & Tools

Our range of magnetic tools and equipment is of the highest quality, only sourcing products from reputable suppliers. AMF Magnetics has been operating for over 30 years. We have a large stock of Magnetic Lifters, Sweepers, Separators, Pick Up Tools, Electromagnets and other heavy duty magnetic devices.

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Powerful magnets attract ferrous metals. This heavy material requires careful handling and placement. We have a large range of strong magnetic lifters ranging from 100kg to 6000kg. Our magnetic swarf cleaner is a favourite with roofers, concreters and engineers as well as many other specialist businesses. These magnetic pickup tools are used to arrest metal shrapnel and waste from places they present a hazard or a nuisance.

AMF Magnetics are able to supply magnetic separator bars, grates and plates for mining, manufacturing etc. where foreign ferrous metallic particles, tramp iron, needs removal. Our range of magnetic devices arrests, retrieves, sweeps, filters, screens, separates and purifies places, spaces and goods contaminated with unwanted metallic substances.

Our magnetic products turn hard water soft, metal scraps into scrap metal cash, and leaves food, beverages and medicines, free of ferrous substances. We also supply affordable Magnetic Sweepers for removing nails, metal, etc. from trucking yards, warehouses, car parks and the like.

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Removing unwanted, hazardous ferrous metallic substances from any environment is a lot simpler thanks to the power of magnetism.

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Magnetic Equipment & Tools

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