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Rare Earth (Neodymium) Disc Magnets

Discover an all-rounder magnet

Neodymium Disc Magnets, also called Rare Earth circular Disc Magnets, are used in a wide array of both commercial and domestic applications. They are widely utilised in industries such as consumer electronics, medical and general engineering, mining, manufacturing, and even in the music industry where Rare Earth magnetic Discs are used for speakers and microphones!

These strong and versatile magnets are the optimum choice for Architectural and Industrial Design modelling as well as DIY arts and crafts like scale models. Our Neodymium circular discs are strong permanent magnets commonly used for Point of Sale Displays, brochure closures and bookbinding, jewellery clasps, magnetic therapy, stationery and fridge or cabinet magnets. They are also great for school and university science experiments!

Neodymium Disc: a small magnet with great performance!

Rare Earth disc magnets are the perfect alliance of small size and maximum strength. With a diameter greater than the thickness, magnetic discs have a very strong magnetic field and high coercivity.

These High-Performance Magnets can be easily fixed into place using Epoxy Adhesive or Countersunk into holes and grooves in wood or plastic. Neodymium magnets attract each other with almost twice the force that they use to attract steel objects. They also attract each other through very large distances. Even the smaller magnets will attract each other through the thickness of your finger!

Most of our Neodymium Magnets have a coating of Nickel (Ni) that gives them their shiny silver-looking finish. This is a corrosion-resistant coating for enhanced durability and longevity. Some of our Neodymium disc magnets are Gold-coated (Au) or Parylene C coated. Parylene C coating is great for moisture affected locations or damp environments thanks to its anti-corrosion and water-resistant qualities. That is why Parylene C coated magnets are usually designed for Food and Beverage industries, as well as for marine ecology and related equipment.

Most of our listed magnets are rated to withstand temperatures of up to 80 degrees Celsius, unless otherwise stated. Please, contact us if you require a higher working temperature grade magnet.

We supply super strong Neodymium discs in various sizes and thicknesses, that are great value for money and easy to order online. Don't miss our great volume discount offers!

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