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Rare Earth Magnets (Neodymium)

Neodymium Magnets: Powerful magnets for a wide range of purposes!

Neodymium magnets, also called Rare Earth Magnets, are commonly utilized for mechanical and industrial applications where a very strong magnet is required. Their impressive size to strength ratio, as well as their good resistance to temperature fluctuations make them the preferred magnets in the mining, construction, printing and designing fields.

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Rare Earth Magnets (Neodymium)

Rare Earth Magnets (Neodymium)

You can find Neodymium magnets in electrical generators: the size and strength of the magnet determines the efficiency of a generator.

Rare Earth magnets are also prevalent in medical equipment: small Neodymium magnets are used to maintain dental implants and prostheses, and very large magnets are employed in MRI scanners. They are also the first choice magnets for vehicle ABS sensors.

Last but not least: Did you know that The NASA uses Neodymium magnets for collecting dust on the Mars Exploration Rovers?

Looking for the strongest of permanent magnets?

Make no mistake: even the tiniest Neodymium magnet can hold incredible weights! Their powerful magnetic field is far superior to Ferrite or Alnico magnets! Moreover, these permanent magnets utilize several protective coatings (Nickel, Phosphorus, or Zinc) that give them a very reasonable resistance to corrosion. That is why Neodymium magnets are the premium choice in the engineering and manufacturing industries.

Rare Earth magnets are very brittle and hard. They are manufactured using the powder metallurgical method and their chemical composition is Nd2Fe14B.

Our High strength Neodymium magnets come in various shapes, sizes and grades that can be adapted to almost any technical application. Check out our diverse range: We stock Rare Earth magnets in Discs, Blocks, Cylinders, Rings, Pots and Spheres. Some have a self-adhesive backing, others are rubber-coated to protect both their own and other surfaces.

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