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Magnetic Strips

Our magnetic strips, particularly Self-Adhesive magnetic strips, are popular magnetic products used to label, organise or decorate your space. Flexible magnetic strips are easy to cut to any length or shape you need and are ideal for any type of craft, hobby or artistic project. Other magnetic strips are pre-cut into semi-rigid lengths and have an adhesive backing for attaching your graphic or sign. These can then be used to hang heavier types of artwork or larger style signage from metal surfaces.

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Magnetic Strips

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Self-adhesive magnetic strips use their own adhesive backing to attach to non-magnetic surfaces. Once you adhere the strip to your photo, A4 sign, graphic design, calendar, invitation, decoration, lightweight advertising or artistic piece, it will be able to attach magnetically to any metal surface. Use the AMF plain (non-adhesive) magnetic whiteboard strips in the classroom or office to help display your ideas and make it easier for others to comprehend concepts in a clear, concise way. Take the magnetic whiteboard strips with you at the end of the day and reuse them for another classroom lesson or office training environment. Online orders over $30 from the AMF website receive free standard shipping to anywhere in Australia.

Use Label Holder magnetic strips to make your office printer labels magnetic.

Label Holder magnetic strips are a convenient and simple way to convert your printed office labels into labels that can be attached to racking and filing cabinets magnetically. The strips can be cut with scissors to any length and are available in either a ‘C’ or ‘U’ channel profile that suits most label printer types. Buy the tapes in one metre lengths or economical rolls up to 30 metres long. Width sizes are available to suit printed labels from 80mm down to 15mm.

Make custom DIY magnetic labels in the exact size and colour you need.

AMF has white and coloured magnetic strips available in different widths so you can easily make magnetic labels to meet your exact requirements. Write onto the labels with a marker pen or colour code your equipment, products, office or warehouse so products and storage areas are easy to identify.

Rare Earth Neodymium Strips are super strong.

When your application or special project requires extra magnetic holding strength, then flexible Neodymium strips are the answer. The strips contain the same powerful rare earth magnetic material as hard Neodymium Magnets but in powdered form, which is then combined with a rubber medium for flexibility. The strips are available in 1 metre lengths with or without 3M adhesive backing and have a far superior hold compared to Ferrite based magnetic strips.

Most flexible magnetic strips are thin and are inherently weak in terms of holding strength. They are generally used in applications where supporting weight is not required. The strips are often short in length and are mostly used to make labels for metal shelving and other types of DIY magnetic signage. Various other forms of stronger magnetic tapes and solid magnetic shapes are better suited to magnetic holding applications. Most magnetic strips are low in magnetic strength and should not be expected to support anything heavier than a few grams. For heavier objects, strong magnetic strips containing Neodymium magnetic material are recommended.



How to demagnetise a magnetic strip?

Any strong magnet can interfere with the relatively low coercive properties of a flexible magnetic strip. This means that in some cases the strip can lose its magnetic strength entirely when in close contact with a strong magnet. Thin flexible magnetic strips have typically low magnetic strength because their shape is not capable of containing significant amounts of magnetic material. Re-magnetisation of flexible magnetic material requires sets of multiple Ring magnets which are aligned in an alternating pole arrangement. Find more information about magnets and their properties in the FAQ & Knowledge Base section.

Does the magnetic strip stick to itself?

The alternating North and South poles on the magnetic side of the strip gives the strip better hold when attached to ferrous metal surfaces but this design means that most flexible magnetic products do not bond to each other well. AMF Magnafix Tape Systems use flexible two-part tapes with opposite poles so the matched A and B parts bond together. They are ideal for attaching double glazing to windows or creating a removable magnetic bond between non-ferrous surfaces.

How do magnetic strips work?

Alternating poles in a striped pattern across the magnetic side of a flexible magnet give the thin, flexible material the ability to bond with ferrous surfaces. The bond cannot support weight very well and for this reason the strips are mostly suited to magnetic labels, crafts and printed magnetic advertising.

Where can I buy magnetic strips?

AMF has a comprehensive range of magnetic strips in various widths and colours. Our online store offers secure payment and same day shipping from our warehouse. If you need help with any type of magnetic product or advice about which magnet is right for your application, think AMF Magnetics. You can find our office contact details here.

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