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Alnico Magnets

Alnico magnets are known as the weakest of the permanent magnets, however, their mechanical strength is one of the strongest, compared to Ferrite and Neodymium magnets. They have excellent temperature stability up to 500 degrees Celsius and can withstand extreme temperature fluctuation. They have very good non-corrosiveness and are available at a reasonable price point due to their low manufacturing cost.

Alnico Magnets are often used in applications requiring low magnetic strength or good temperature resistance. They are also popular among classrooms and learning environments for their weak pull force and ability to accurately demonstrates the north and south poles and are great for visually exposing the magnetic field. Also used in electrical automotive, mechanical, aviation and medical industries, they are most notably used in electric guitar pickups - Fender has been using Alnico Rod magnets to build their electric guitar middle-tone, neck and bridge pickups since the late 1940s!

Alnico magnets properties:

  • Produced by the casting or powder metallurgical techniques
  • Chemical composition: Al-Ni-Fe-Co
  • Very hard and brittle
  • Poor resistance to demagnetization
  • Produce good flux density at a reasonable cost
  • Excellent stability over a wide temperature range

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