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Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape & Strips

We offer a wide range of Magnetic Tape with a self-adhesive feature, ideal for creating a magnetic surface in your shop, warehouse, office or home where there wasn't one previously. This flexible tape magnet uses a high quality adhesive on the back so you can attach it to any non-magnetic surface. Self adhesive magnet tape is very popular within the merchandising and retail industries to display printed material such as posters, signs, banners, graphics, artwork or photographs.

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These flexible magnets are available in various sizes ranging from 12.5 - 55mm wide. They have a 3M or Tesa peel-away backing for attaching the magnetic tape to a variety of surfaces. They can be slit, punched, glued and cut to any desired size with craft scissors or a Stanley knife. This gives you the ability to personalise your home, workplace, warehouse or factory with ease!

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This flexible magnetic tape works perfectly with whiteboards and memo boards. Our Magnafix Magnetic Tape can be used in the home in any capacity, such as adhering a fly screen to a window frame to ensure there are no gaps! Alternatively, we offer a Shower Screen Seal Kit including two pieces of magnetic tape with the ability to hold shut a shower door. For further information please contact us.

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