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Magnetic Stud Finder

Magnetic Stud Finder is the simplest and effective way to locate wall studs or electrical switch metal plates behind walls or other crevices. Our Magnetic Stud Finder is manufactured using a strong Rare Earth Magnet capable of holding up to 25 kg. This magnetic tool is designed to locate metal backing plate through 20mm of plasterboard and it has a thick plastic sheath for protective purposes. The AMF Magnetics Stud Finder is sure to become the tradesman's best friend!

Magnetic Stud Finder is an efficient tool to find studs and metal plates within walls

The high strength (Neodymium) Rare Earth magnet will easily work through thick plaster or fibro much quicker than those expensive hand held electronic devices. Electricians will also find our Magnetic Stud Finder useful as a means of finding metal wall plates within walls for wiring of switches, etc. This powerful magnet is small enough to carry in your pocket and very versatile in its applications. There is an eyelet through which a chain or length of wire can be attached if you need to fish small steel objects from deep holes or confined areas. The Magnetic Stud Finder can be used to keep electrical cables off the floor and as a lifting device for light weight pieces of metal.

Please contact our sales team if you require any additional information of our Magnetic Stud Finder.

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