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Magnetic Pick Up Tools

AMF Magnetics offers a wide range of magnetic pick up tools; such as pens, wands, rods and magnetic swarf cleaners, all imbued with the seemingly magical powers of magnetism. Perfect for a mechanical environment, such as a car mechanics or a building site, where ferrous scrap metal needs to be cleared away. It can also be used in areas where food preparation is conducted so as to ensure there is no ferrous metallic contamination.

Buy Magnetic Pick Up Tools from AMF Magnetics, a leading supplier of Magnetic Equipment!

Never fear, magnetic pick up tools only cast their spell on material hazardous to human health as well as possibly damaging to operating machinery! Waving magnetic wands around work benches or food processing equipment can ward off monster mechanical repair bills and nightmare product recall notices, feel confident in using the power for Good.

Our range of magnetic pick up tools start with the smallest, the Telescopic Magnetic Pick Up Pen, designed to reach ferrous metallic objects in hard-to-reach places. By probing this extendable pen in, around and through the nooks and crannies of hard working machinery, this magnetic tool attracts furtive ferrous troublemakers.

We then range all the way to the larger Magnetic Swarf Cleaner, perfect for picking up greater quantities of nails and scrap metal. We offer many products in between, created to clear away ferrous metallic objects from a large or specific area! These tools are great for mechanics, engineers, tradespeople and maintenance workers, some tools even compact enough to hide in the pockets of their owners!

Please contact us if you require further information about our Magnetic Pick-Up Tools.

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