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Magnetic Separators & tubes

AMF Magnetics supplies separator bars, grates, grills and plates to intervene, intercept and arrest ferrous metallic substances wherever they present a hazard or nuisance. Metal fragments will, without magnetic interdiction, find a way into everything we care about. Water supplies, food and beverages, manufacturing processes and associated mechanical apparatus. All our magnetic separator bars & tubes have a minimum Gauss rating of 10,000.

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Magnetic Separation equipment have been supplied to the Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries since the 1940's. Up to the 1990's, most magnetic separators contained ceramic based magnets or Ferrites. Today, with the advent of newer magnetic materials such as Rare Earth Neodymium, increases of around 6 times that of the ceramic magnets can be obtained. Primarily, magnetic separation equipment work by attracting and removing foreign matter from your production, without interrupting it.

Remove unwanted swarf and ferrous metal with our magnetic tubes and bars

The cost/benefit ratio of using separator bars, magnetic tubes, grates, plates and magnetic wands is profound. Use these devices to ward off injury to persons and animals, repair bills, reputational damage, product recalls and increased insurance premiums.

AMF Magnetics is a HACCP certified company, able to provide magnetic verification, consulting and specialised magnets and magnetic equipment to the Food Services Industry.

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