About AMF Magnets

AMF Magnets is a trusted supplier of top quality commercial and industrial magnets. We have over 600 different types of magnets in stock in varying magnetic grades, sizes and strengths. The strongest magnets that we have commercially available are our Neodymium Magnets, able to lift hundreds of kilograms, and mostly used in industrial applications. Although they don’t have great resistance to temperatures over 80 degrees celsius, they have an amazing strength to size ratio and a high resistance to magnetic demagnetisation.

Our most popular type of magnet is our Ferrite Magnets due to their low manufacturing cost and great magnetic stability in high temperatures. These are most commonly used as magnetic separators, in water conditioning, music speakers as well as handicrafts. Our other magnetic types include Samarium Cobalt and Alnico Magnets and, along with other magnetic tools and equipment, they make up the approximate 600 different types of magnets and magnetic products that we have in stock at AMF Magnets UK.

With so many varying types of magnetic material and tools, you’re likely to find the perfect magnet for your application. If the situation occurs that you don’t find the magnet you’re looking for, we can look into creating a custom magnet for you, due to our exclusive supply partnerships with a number of China’s leading magnet producers. Please have no hesitation in contacting us as our technical team and friendly staff is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.


How to purchase from AMF Magnets

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Our promise to you:

  • In stock items ship within 48 hours of the receipt of your order and payment. 
  • Your order will be packed to ensure that it arrives to you in exactly the same condition that it left our premises.
  • If the item you order is out of stock our office will contact you to discuss supplying alternative sizes or back ordering. If you prefer, we will refund your payment.
  • Should your purchase be damaged in transit we will replace free of charge. 
  • Any requests for return or exchange should be received within 30 days of purchase. Each request will be dealt with on a case by case basis, a re-stocking fee may apply if returning an item.
Customer Service

You are welcome to contact us at sales@amfmagnets.co.uk for technical advice or

to discuss your purchase with one of our customer service team members.