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Ferrite Disc Magnets

Ferrite Disc Magnets, also called Ceramic Disc Magnets, come in a variety of sizes, as a low cost magnetic material they are to be found across a broad range of magnetic therapeutic uses, on the back of three dimensional fridge magnets and in school science projects.

Our Ferrite Magnets for Sale come in a variety of sizes & dimensions

When assembling products or handicrafts, an epoxy glue is recommended for attachment of Ferrite Magnets. Ensure the bonding surface has been cleaned and dried of the magnetic residue powder often found on Ferrite ceramic magnets. Our Disc Magnet made of Ferrite is an excellent alternative for those who need to buy magnets with an economical cost but suitable for a variety of applications and uses.

AMF Magnets supplies a huge range of these low-cost Permanent Magnets

Please contact our sales team if you require any further information about our Ferrite Disc Magnets.

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