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Block Magnets

block magnetsBlock magnet forms are either rectangular, square or a cube. They all have six sides and joined elevations are at right angles with each other. Blocks are housed in purpose made channels to hold or fasten fabrications together. Magnetic engagement as a permanent fastening agency is useful where removing and reattaching componentry is required for servicing or cleaning. This method enhances the uniform look of an artefact, and protects materials by disengaging at a pre-determined pressure threshold saving cracking or destruction of materials common with overcommitted fasteners (glues and screws).

Block magnets also live in many water treatment devices for the purpose of attracting, arresting and capturing heavy metals, mineral salts and scale (boiler rust). Some of these large blocks, housed in clamps, project magnetic power through plastic pipes in order to crush or dissemble contaminants, turning hard water soft. Buy Rare Earth Neodymium, Ferrite, Alnico, Samarium Cobalt block magnets!

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