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Rare Earth Fishing Magnets

Magnetic "Fishing" for submerged metallic objects has become popular in recent times as a fun and interesting hobby or pastime and can also be a valuable salvage and retrieval method for lost valuables or sentimental items. Recovering vehicle keys that have been accidentally dropped into deep water, using a tethered magnet to attract the metallic keyring, is probably where this popular trend originated. As the saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention."

Similar to land-based mineral prospecting, Magnetic Fishing involves trawling the bottom of a body of water with an appropriate magnet to hopefully attract and retrieve valuable metallic items. In the process, pollutants and environmental contaminants can be collected and removed for recycling or disposal, leaving the waterway in a far more sustainable and environmentally sound condition.

AMF stocks several Fishing magnets for this increasingly popular pastime, all of which are made from Neodymium, the strongest magnetic material available. Different shapes and eyelet configurations provide options for different waterways, fishing environments and local infrastructure. One is available with two eyelets, so rope can be attached from two directions for more controlled search patterns and to increase the chance of retrieving targeted items.

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