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Magnetic Knife Racks

Keeping knives on these good looking magnetic racks keeps sharp knives out of harm's way. People who use knives for a living need to keep them close at hand. Housed on magnetic knife holders these vital tools of trade are easy to find, retrieve and replace. Chefs and kitchen hands, butchers, home cooks and merchant displaying knives for sale love these magnetic forms.

Available in bold stainless steel, timber decorated, traditional black or modern white, these magnetic knife holders or racks are easy to attach wherever they are desired using the accompanying screws. Safely secured in plain sight, these dedicated designer sections present all available knives like a faithful servant.

Magnetic Knife Racks are ideal for securing kitchen knives!

Knives displayed on magnetic holders in a retail environment highlights the products availability. Magnetic display encourages curiosity and tactile engagement with potential customers. 'How does it float like that?' is soon answered with intuitive pull release as the knife handle finds its purpose, a human hand. The famous magnetic 'click and stick; return inspires confidence, leading to the next knife handle on the magnetic rack..

Buy Strong Magnetic Knife Racks with powerful Rare Earth magnets inside

When you need to organise or display knives, AMF's Knife Holders are an inexpensive and ideal magnetic solution. Our Magnetic Knife Racks are a great space saver and a practical alternative to housing sharp knives. Consider putting these attractive devices to work at home or elsewhere.

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