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Rare Earth Countersunk Holding Magnets

A Rare Earth mounting magnet with great resistance

Countersunk pots, also known as "Magnetic cup assembly", are round base magnets made from high strength Neodymium. The pots are encased in a water-resistant chrome plated mild-steel and nickel pot, protecting the internal magnet from chipping, cracking and also from corrosion, which makes them perfectly adapted to wet environments.

These strong mounting pots incorporate a centered countersunk hole allowing fixture on to walls or ceilings with an appropriate screw. The countersunk hole can accommodate anything from M3 to M5 screw head size depending on the magnet size, and leaves the screw head flush with the magnet.

Whether for temporary or permanent positioning, countersunk pot magnets can be easily fastened into place to create a magnetic bond as needed. They have a relatively low profile which reduces obstruction issues and allows recessing into flat surfaces.

Choose countersunk pot magnets to fix objects above the ground

Neodymium Countersunk pots are single sided magnets that adhere to any ferrous metallic object or surface, providing an easy non-invasive bonding solution for attaching and suspending objects. They are commonly chosen for commercial and industrial applications such as keeping doors open or closed or in cabinetry and they are often employed by carpenters and engineers. Rare Earth countersunk holding magnets can hold, fix and attach objects to walls, ceilings, structures or even vehicles.

If you are looking for a pot magnet especially designed for flat screws or bolts, browse our Straight Borehole Neodymium Pots.

Pot magnets do not attract to each other and cannot be used as pairs (except for products codes AMFYPA16N/S, AMFYPA20N/S, AMFYPA32N/S

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