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Rare Earth Round Hole Holding Magnets

Much more than a simple Disc Magnet!

Neodymium holding magnets with straight boreholes are sometimes compared with ring magnets because their shape is similar. Unlike ring magnets, they are capped or encased in steel and are designed to be fixed to any surface or structure using a nut or an appropriate screw.

Our Neodymium pot assemblies have a flat round base with a cylindrical borehole in its centre and can be attached with a nut on a threaded bolt.

Made from super strong Rare Earth, this permanent magnet is embedded in a chrome plated, mild-steel nickel cup. Frequent use can damage the magnet: the steel cup is there to protect it from deterioration or corrosion. At the same time, it increases the magnetic strength with a ferromagnetic surface.

By covering the magnet on the top, only one side remains magnetic. That is why we commonly call Neodymium pots one-sided or monopole magnets!

Something helpful to know about Neodymium holding pots is that their sheer force is measured perpendicularly to the surface on which the magnet is engaged. This means that pot magnets have less holding strength when used on a wall than if you were to use it on a ceiling because it takes significantly less strength to move the magnet sideways!

NdFeB mounting magnets with round hole come in different width (16mm to 75mm) and thickness (5 mm to 18mm). Their pull force varies between 4kg and 155kg, and they can bear up to 471g! Large pot magnets can therefore be used as retrieval magnets.

A through-hole mounting magnet with wide field of application

Rare Earth holding pot magnets with round and straight center hole are easily adapted to heavy duty and industrial fixing applications. They are commonly used in the commercial construction and shopfitting as well as in home and interior renovation work. They also come in handy in manufacturing cabinetry, furniture, lighting, bathrooms and kitchens.

Other applications include door, gate or cupboard closures, advertising signs and banners mountings, roof or ceiling fixture hanging and holding assembly for exhibition and marketing displays. They can be bolted to any type of material to create a magnetic bond with metal.

If your application requires a lower level of adherence, take a look at our Ferrite pot magnets.

If you are looking for a pot magnet designed for tapered screws, take a look at our Countersunk Pot Magnets.

We're here to help

Feel free to contact our sales team if you require specific information about our Neodymium Magnets or need help choosing the right magnet.

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