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Rare Earth Fixing Plate Magnets

These Neodymium Anchor magnets are available in various diameters, pull force and thread sizes. Similar in appearance to other Holding Magnets, they are most commonly used during the pouring of pre-fabricated concrete slabs. A lifting anchor can be threaded onto the Fixing Magnet then both are attached to the steel formwork or steel mould. This allows secure and accurate positioning of the anchor socket while the concrete is poured.

As the Fixing Magnet self-attaches to the formwork the need for nails is eliminated. Removal of the Magnet is a quick and simple process; when the concrete has set and the steel formwork removed, use the hexagonal nut to release the magnet from the anchor socket and the pre-cast slab. Fixing Magnets can be used to attach any threaded item to steel formwork allowing them to be precisely embedded inside the slab.

The steel cover will help protect the Fixing Magnet from corrosion but cleaning after retrieval will increase the life span of this handy tool.

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